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White Collar Crimes

White collar crime represents a unique area of law known for being particularly challenging. Between complicated financial scenarios, scores of intricate data, and complex accounting procedures, a strong defense requires an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable attorney.

Our Phoenix white collar defense lawyers have years of experience litigating tough cases on the state and federal levels. Due to the distinct nature of these financially driven crimes, we understand that a comprehensive approach to your defense is necessary. Our strategic solutions paired with aggressive representation have earned us national recognition and other accolades.

If you believe you are under investigation or if you have been charged with a crime, turn to the award-winning trial attorneys of Suzuki Law Offices.

What is a White Collar Crime?

Unlike violent crimes, white collar crimes are non-violent and motivated by financial gain. They are characterized by their sophisticated execution and use of deceptive tactics over a long period of time. Most white collar crimes are prosecuted at the federal level.

The government has taken a strong stance against financial crimes for decades. White collar crimes are often penalized with heavy fines, restitution, and time in prison.

The Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 eliminated the possibility of parole for federal crimes. If you are convicted, you could face a long-term prison sentence.

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What White Collar Crimes
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Why Former Prosecutors Make
the Best Defense Attorneys

Evidence in white collar crimes is often complex, creating notable challenges for jurors.

According to a study by Penn criminologist, nearly 6 percent of prisoners have been wrongfully convicted. When compared to the 3 percent of wrongful convictions for violent capital crimes, it becomes evident there is a higher risk of an unjust guilty verdict.

Attorney Richard Suzuki is a former criminal prosecutor. He spent years investigating and prosecuting numerous felonies at the state and federal levels in Arizona.

Attorney Suzuki has a thorough understanding of the prosecution’s investigative process and methodology. He and his team know how to comb through evidence and pick out the key exonerating pieces.

In some cases, an extensive investigation and critical evidence can persuade the prosecution to dismiss the case. However, if your case continues to trial, our white collar crimes attorneys have the resources, skills, and experience you need to mount an aggressive defense.

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When it comes to white collar crimes, suspicion alone can be enough to significantly impact your reputation, career, and important relationships. The long-term consequences of a conviction can land you in federal prison for years.

The award-winning trial attorneys of Suzuki Law Offices are prepared to uphold your rights and protect your freedom. Schedule a consultation with our Phoenix white collar crimes lawyers to discuss the details of your case.

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