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Most violent crimes carry a presumption of prison time.

Violent Crimes

Accusations of violent crimes often lead to devastating and life-changing consequences. The penalties for a conviction can cost you your family, render you unemployable, and land you years in prison.

At the Suzuki Law Offices, our violent crimes attorneys are highly-accomplished for their litigation skills and strong, aggressive representation.

Why You Should Contact a Violent
Crimes Attorney Immediately

All the opportunities you were supposed to have and the life you were meant to live are gone the moment a juror utters “guilty.”

Nationwide, studies estimate 3 percent of prisoners are wrongfully convicted:

  • 70% of wrongful convictions started with false accusations
  • 69% of wrongful convictions happen because of eyewitness mistakes

Unlike the movies, innocent people can go to jail. Evidence is rarely as conclusive as movie-lab techs would lead audiences to believe.

Retaining skilled and experienced representation is necessary to mount an effective defense. Our violent crimes attorneys:

  • Look for potentially case-dismissing evidence
  • Cross-examine witnesses
  • Mitigate the damaging effects to your reputation and career during the process

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Why Choose the Suzuki
Law Offices?

Attorney Richard Suzuki has years of experience as a former prosecutor. He utilizes his unique insight into the prosecution’s methods to craft creative, successful strategies for his client’s defense.

Attorney Suzuki has built his criminal defense firm around the importance of compassionate legal guidance and aggressive representation. Our award-winning trial attorneys have earned numerous accolades and recognition from:

  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 100
  • Top Valley Lawyers
  • Best of Scottsdale 2019
  • AVVO Clients’ Choice Award 2015-2021

When you are charged with a violent crime, you deserve close, personal attention to your case.

We Defend Against a Wide Range of
Violent Crime Offenses in Arizona

Our violent crimes defense attorneys have extensive
experience defending against charges of:

What Are “Dangerous Allegations” and How Do They Affect Your Case?

“Dangerous allegations” are charges that require a mandatory prison sentence upon conviction:

  • Serious bodily injury
  • Use of a deadly weapon
  • Use of a dangerous instrument (e.g., knife, beer bottle, bar stool)

Crimes that would typically be a misdemeanor or a low-level felony can become high-level felonies with lengthy prison sentences.

Our Phoenix Violent Crimes Attorneys
Are Available Day or Night

If you have been arrested for a violent crime, every minute you are without representation is a minute the prosecution is using to build their case against you.

If you believe you are under suspicion or are being investigated for a violent crime, seek the legal advice of an experienced violent crimes lawyer in Phoenix today. The sooner a skilled and knowledgeable attorney can get involved, the stronger your defense will be.

The highly sought legal team of Suzuki Law Offices has years of experience defending a wide range of violent crimes. Our talented trial attorneys are Nationally recognized for their honest and aggressive representation.
Schedule a consultation today to discuss the details of your case and the possible strategies we might employ.

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CLIENT REVIEWS Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"Our experience with Suzuki Law Offices was nothing less than excellent. Rj and the rest of the staff were caring, ethical, innovative, and brilliant. We had never needed a lawyer in this capacity before so the whole process was new to me and my family. When we did have questions, the responses were always very thoughtful and thorough. They were able to negotiate my daughter's medical bills to a lower amount."

- V. Chavez

CLIENT REVIEWS Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Knowledgeable, Skilled & Caring Attorney

“Despite my fears, Matt not only maintained his composure and professional demeanor, but he also helped calm me down and bring me back down to earth.”

- Karen

CLIENT REVIEWS Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We Were Blessed to Have Such a Great Attorney.

“Richard is an outstanding lawyer and a genuine person. I can't explain how grateful we are that he was put in our path.”

- Anna B.

CLIENT REVIEWS Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I Knew Within 5 Minutes He Was the Man for the Job.

“Richard took charge of my case firmly and confidently and he guided me through what could have been a harrowing experience with life-changing and disastrous results with relative ease.”

- Steve B.

CLIENT REVIEWS Don't Just Take Our Word For It

You Will Not Find a Better Attorney in Arizona!

“Richard and his highly knowledgeable, professional staff provided me, my wife, and my family a measure of comfort and support that I would not have predicted possible under the circumstances.”

- Brian P.

CLIENT REVIEWS Don't Just Take Our Word For It

He Swiftly & Expertly Handled Our Case.

“We highly recommend Mr. Suzuki and his firm to anyone that seeks an attorney with integrity, experience, knowledge, and one who has his clients' best interest at heart; an attorney of this quality is a rare find.”

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